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4 Hour On-going LTC Training 88894421 $10.00
Producers continuing to sell LTCP must complete a 4-hour on-going training course every two calendar years after the initial completion.

This four hour course satisfies this requirement & reviews fundamental concepts of Long Term Care insurance and New Jersey's Long Term Care Partnership. We will introduce you to newer coverages as well as any legislative changes. We will also give you the latest update on the forms and talk about the implications to the coverages provided.

This course satisfies the 4-hour on-going LTC requirement.

This course is ClearCert Approved.

Applies to: All Licenses (General) - 4 credits, LTC / LTC Partnership - 4 credits

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Ethics 88897844 $11.00
This course provides the three hours of mandatory C.E. requirements in Ethics. It explores the Financial Professional's role and responsibilities in an ever changing and even more complex arena. Topics include rebating and replacement as well as a host of ideas and thoughts that have led most states to mandate these course offerings for continuing education.

Goals: With the knowledge from this course, the professional becomes aware of when replacement is replacement and not churning or twisting. The rules for replacement are discussed as well as the fiduciary responsibilities of the financial professional.

This course counts towards three hours of ethics.

Applies to: All Licenses (General) - 3 credits, Ethics - 3 credits

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Ethics, A Guidebook for Insurance Professionals 88894417 $12.50
What does Ethics mean?

The English word ethics comes from the ancient Greek words "ethos", which meant the part of a person's character that connected with universal truths. In the present day, The Oxford English Dictionary defines ethics as the "study concerned with the principles of human duty" and the "rules of conduct recognized in certain associations or departments of human life."

What does all of this mean to an ordinary person trying to succeed in business? It means that, to act ethically, a business person must have a sense of right and wrong and feel a duty to follow this sense. This course will consider the practical details of what acting ethically means to insurance agents, brokers and other professionals in the financial service fields.

Goals: With the knowledge gained from this course the financial representative will gain a greater understanding of how and why Ethics has come to be required course material throughout the country, congruent with societies' expectations. Complete with a background of Ethics and its role in our ever changing environment.

This course satisfies the state's 3 credit hour ethics requirement as well counting towards another 2 credit hours of general insurance CE.

Applies to: All Licenses (General) - 5 credits, Ethics - 5 credits

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Insurance Topics 88894419 $20.50
Life insurance has been sold in the United States since the mid-1700s, but it wasn't until the 1840s that the industry made a significant impact on the American business scene. Since that time, individual life insurance has grown steadily, due primarily to the agency distribution system.

Applies to: All Licenses (General) - 11 credits

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OSHA In the Real World 88894416 $20.00
In spite of a drop in the number of serious workplace injuries between 1998 and 2002, the cost of employers dealing with injured workers has gone up significantly--both due to increases in insurance and the rising cost of healthcare.

In an effort to protect the safety and health of every worker, Congress passed the Occupational Health and Safety Act on December 29, 1970.

This course provides an understanding of OSHA, its origins and role in the risk management venue of employer's liability.

Applies to: All Licenses (General) - 10 credits

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Readings on Life Insurance & Annuities 88894418 $20.50
In this 13 hour course we will review some of the fundamental concepts of life insurance. We will cover how to advise clients on amount of life insurance needed, the types of life insurance policies available today, and the common required policy provisions and exclusions.

This course also explores the suitability issues for seniors when purchasing annuities.

Applies to: All Licenses (General) - 13 credits

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Worker's Compensation & General Liability 88894420 $20.00
In this course we will review some of the fundamental concepts to refresh your memory about some of the coverage details you might have forgotten. We will review the forms and provide answers for the most common questions you may encounter from your clients about their policies.

We will discuss the options available to obtain workers comp coverage and the factors that go into the pricing of coverage.

You will read interesting and important case studies to bring this topic to life. Finally, we detail the most recent issues that have come up in the real world of providing these coverages to policyholders, such as medical cost containment, fraud, privacy and medical records, and the implications of terrorism to workers compensation coverage.

Applies to: All Licenses (General) - 10 credits

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